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Advanced, Comprehensive and Accurate LeoTouch Professional Printing Software

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The power of Kundli Software LeoTouch Professional with Printing lies in its efficiency to print exactly like desktop software.

LeoTouch with printing module is a group of various systems of astrology like Leo Astrology, Leo Matching(Melapak), Leo Varshphal, Leo KP, Leo Horary, Leo Lal Kitab, Leo Numerology, Leo Muhurat and Leo Panchang. You can also generate a pdf file of the desired kundli and can email it.

Printing & Pdf Facility

  • Print on paper size like File Size, Plain A4 Sheet etc.
  • Dynamically place objects to match your pre printed stationery.
  • Total print logging and reporting. Print Horoscope with borders on plain A4 Sheets.
janam kundli printing, horoscope printing


Features of astrology software are as follows:

  • Astronomy in Astrology - Sayan Spasht, Niryan Spasht, Degree Topo, Degree Helio, Lat geo, Lat Topo, Lat Helio, Ra Decl, Combustion, Angular Dist
  • Avakhada - planet aspect, Bhava aspect, cusp aspect
  • Shodash Vargas - Satvargas, Shodash vargas, Varga Bhedas, vimsopaka
  • Shadbal - Shadbal, Ishtaphal, Bhavbal
  • Ashtakvarga - Sarvashtakvarga, Bhhinnashtakvarga, trikona, Ekadhipatya, Shodya
  • Jaimini - karaka, avastha, rashmi
Astrology Module
Tables module


LeoTouch contains all types of tables which are used by people working in the field of astrology.

  • Astrology Tables: Tables like planet, Rashi, Nakshatra, Yoga and Karan.
  • Tables Melapak: Tables that are required for the matching of boy and girl.
  • Varshphal Tables: Table like Varshapravesh
  • Lal Kitab Table: Table for making Lal Kitab Varshphal.
  • Tables Krishnamurti: Krishnamurti horoscopes ranging from 0 to 249 no. are created.
  • Important tables of numerology.
  • Panchang Tables- Those tables which are referred to form the auspicious and inauspicious Yogas in Panchang.
  • Tables Muhurat: Tables which are used in determining various Muhurats for marriage, house warming ceremony and journey etc are given in this table.
  • Mundane Astrology: Tables use in mundane are incorporated in this menu.
  • Research Tables: astrological research pertaining to various astrology topics have been given in this Menu in the form of graph.


Features of matching software are as follows:

  • Matching - From Ashtakoot matching information about total matching points and Manglik Dosha for both horoscopes can be obtained.
  • Compatibility results on Nature, Finance, Health, Children, Relation of male with Inlaws and Relation of female with Inlaws /li>
  • The horoscope of a girl can be matched with several boys on one single screen.
  • Both the horoscopes can be studied and analysed independently also.
Matching astrology module
Varshfal Module


Features of Varshphal software are as follows:

  • Varshphal Horoscope Charts - lagna chart, moon chart, Hora chart, Draeshconn chart, Chaturthansh, Panchmaansh, Shashtyansh, Saptmansh, Ashtmansh, Navmansh, Dashmaansh, Ekadshansh, Dwadshansh, Triptaki charts etc. with accurate calculations.
  • Varshphal Grah Spasht - Planet, Bhava Degrees.
  • Varshphal birth details.
  • Varshphal Dashas - Patyansh, Muddda and Vinshotri Dasha.
  • Varshphal Prediction - Muntha predictions, Munthesh prediction, Varsesh and Varshlagnesh predictions.

KP System

Features of KP System software are as follows:

  • Krishnamurti Planet, Krishnamurti House, Krishnamurti Planet significator element, House significator element, Lordship, Krishnamurti Lagna chart, Krishnamurti Lagna Chalit, Krishnamurti Bhava chart, Krishnamurti Nvmansh chart, Krishnamurti Karkattwa detail
  • Vinshotri Status
  • Transit - Sun, Moon and Ascendant
  • Table of 249 numbers
  • Krishnamurti Bhava degree
  • Krishnamurti Karkattwa detail – planet and Nakshatra position, lord, sub lord, the position of the planet in the constellation of the planet.
Krishn Murti module
Horary astrology module


Features of horary software are as follows:

  • Horary astrology - Horary astrology Birth details
  • Planetary degrees, Bhava degrees
  • Horary astrology charts - Ascendant Chart, Lagna Chalit, Moon Chart, Nvmansha chart.
  • Horary astrology Dashas - Vinshotri and Yogini.
  • In horary astrology Dashas are used for the calculation of fructification of an event. LeoTouch software gives you the facility of using vimshotri and yogini dasha.
  • Horary astrology Dasha - Uttar
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Lal Kitab

Features of Lal Kitab software are as follows:

  • Lal Kitab Horoscope – Lal Kitab horoscope, Birth Chart, Lal Kitab Chandra Kundali, Planetary degrees, planet positions, Bhava degrees, friendship chart, planet / Rashi prediction, Teva detail Lal Kitab Dasha
  • Lal Kitab debt
  • Lal Kitab Prediction
  • Lal Kitab Varshphal
  • Remedies of Lal Kitab
Lal Kitab Module
Numerology Module


Features of this software are as follows:

  • Numerology, Root number, auspicious/inauspicious, auspicious mantra, name number
  • Numerology Prediction - birth date prediction, name number prediction, destiny number prediction, root number prediction
  • Numerology – root number – details like friendly number and enemy number
  • Numerology – name number – Reduced name number, determination of auspicious and inauspicious name numbers on the basis of date of birth


Features of this software are as follows:

  • LeoTouch helps to obtain accurate Muhurats as per your convenience. LeoTouch makes this job easier.
  • LeoTouch Muhurt gives four types of Muhurats.
  • LeoTouch not only gives auspicious day but also auspicious time of that day.
  • It incorporates auspicious muhurats for - weddings, temple setting, job, medical, business, shares, lottery, several other auspicious rites etc.
Muhurat module
Mundane module

Mundane New

Features of Mundane software are as follows:

  • Price analysis, Transit of Planets, Result of Transit.
  • Samvatsar - Samvat / Council, Annual Horo, World Horro, Clouds, Snakes, Stambha Tables, Stambha Graph.
  • Tortoise – Tortoise India / World
  • Weather – Trinadi Chart, Sapt Nadi Chart, Nakshatra Chart and Rohini Chakra.


Features of Panchang software are as follows:

  • Ascendant Table - Ascendant timeout period, sidereal period, tenth house, ascendant table.
  • Panchang - Sunrise, Moonrise, date, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan, Rashi, sun sign, Sun Star.
  • Rahukal - Rahukal, Hora, Chaugdia.
  • Transit - Transit moon, transit sun, grass, date, yoga, Lagna.
  • Daily Almanac from 0 to 9999 in which you can see Samvat, month, date, sunrise and sunset time, Dinman(duration of day) and ending time of Star, Karan and yoga.
Panchang Module
lestar Home astrological(jyotishiya) modules: LeoTouch Teva, LeoTouch Matching, LeoTouch Tables

Additional Features of LeoTouch

This is a unique software containing great features in it. It contains Astrology, Matching, Varshphal, Horary, KP, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Muhurat, Panchang, Gochar(Transit), and Mundane in more than one language. It also incorporates Sagar Chakra, Mantra, Tarot and Ramal. Astrologers can use these systems too. You can also get a print out of it. Astrologers can easily customize it according to their needs. Kundli, Dasha and Lagna chart can be used as per required convenience. LeoTouch is best answer to get accurate horoscopes instantly. There doesn’t remain any possibility of any illusion regarding the degrees and placement of planets.

It is specially designed for professional astrologers and persons who want to start a business in the field of astrology. It is available in languages like Hindi, English.

  • Astrology - Astronomical position, Shodash Vargas (16 divisional charts), Shadbal (strength of planets), Dashaphal, Transit and Longevity
  • Table - Contains all important tables used in astrology like avakhada, ashtakvarga, numerology, mundane, varshphal, lalkitab table etc.
  • Matching - Horoscope matching on the basis of Ashtakoot Guna Matching and Manglik Dosh Matching
  • Varshphal - Traditional/ Modern Annual chart, Patyansh, Mudda and Vimsottari Dasha
  • Horary - Calculation and detailed answer of questions on the basis of horary astrology.
  • KP - K.P. Horoscope, Planetary and house position, significations, Calculations of 249 number systems, Vimsottari Dasha.
  • Lal Kitab - Planetary Position, Prediction, Lal Kitab Dasha, Debts, Remedies, Annual Horoscope with Yearly Predictions and Remedies.
  • Numerology - Radical Number, Lucky Number, Name Number Calculations, List of Remedies, Deciding the favourable name according to Numerology, Name Number Predictions
  • Muhurat - Muhurta for Job, Business, House Warming (Grah Pravesh), Marriage etc.
  • Panchang- Create table of panchang containing Tithi, Vaar , Nakshatra , Yog, Karan for any year
  • Mundane - Kundli software LeoTouch Mundane gives predictions about national and international affairs.
  • Prediction - Navamsa/House/Planet/Dasha & Gochar Reading.
  • Longevity - Remarks, Summary, Jaimini, Pindayu, Anshayu, Nisargayu, Gandmool Result
  • Transit – transits till 9999.
  • Astro Graph - Health, Finance, Emotion -Daily, Weekly, Monthly,Yearly, 10 yearly.
  • Most accurate and authentic astrological software.
  • Supports all Astrological Systems.
  • Charts - Birth Details, Planetary Degrees, Chalit, Five fold friend, Saptavargas, Shodashvargas, Vimshopaka, Avakhada & Ashtkoota
  • Dasha systems of 10 types – Vimsottari, Yogini, Char, Ashtottari, Tribhagi, Kal Chakra, Sodashottari, Shatabdika, Panchottari & Dwadshottari.
  • Vimshotri Dasha upto 5 level.
  • Exhaustive Computations of Horoscope, Varshphal, Matching, Horary Analysis, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Muhurat, Lal Kitab, KP System and Panchang.
  • Thousands of yogas.
  • Supports various Ayanamsa with a facility to add user defined Ayanamsa.
  • Predictions made by you can be added.
  • Permanent backup for all things done.
  • Horoscopes can be kept in different categories like sportspersons, politicians for research work.
  • Leo Touch already contains birth details of more than 5000 celebrities like film stars, sports persons, politicians, world leaders, musicians and stalwarts of other fields.
  • Language can be changed as per choice.
  • There is option of using Neptune, Pluto and Uranus as planets in chart.
  • Contains a data of longitude and latitude of 1Crore cities.
  • Facility of viewing many horoscopes at one time.
  • Detailed panchang with Lagan, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan, Rashi, Rahukaal, Bhadra, Panchak, retrogression, Gandamool.
  • Various tables like planets, gems, planet friendship, planet significator, yoga table, Nakshatra- Gana/Nadi, Rashi-Vashya/Paya tables, Nakshatra-Lord/Alphabet tables, Hindu/Sikh/Jain festivals.
  • You can take printout or single /double side, make PDF file which can be emailed.
  • In LeoTouch, all operations of software are controlled on one screen.
  • In LeoTouch, you can customize the color and font style.
  • Contains all Indian calendar with Sunrise, Paksha, Nakshatra, Tithi.
  • Having everything on one screen is just amazing and highly beneficial
  • Easy to use, correct, capable of predictions by fast computations.
  • Various charts, Dashas and Computations can be seen on a single screen.
  • The Finance and Health Analysis on Daily, Monthly and Annual basis.
  • Contains Various Calendars.
  • Horary Tools such as Biorhythmic Chart and Tarot Cards.
  • Study Material on Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry and Lal Kitab.
  • All Horoscope Models can be printed.
  • Transit - Graphical view to see and analyse planets and their positions. Transits till 9999.
  • Prediction - Navamsa/House/Planet/Dasha & Gochar Reading with 30 year prediction.
  • Easy to use, correct, capable of predictions by fast computations.
  • Yogini, Lagna, Chalit, Navamsha, Dashamsha, Moon Chart, Ashtak Bindus Chart, K.P. etc.
  • Reading Material for Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Astrology, Kalsarpa Yoga, Analysis of Mangal Dosh.
  • Various Horary Tools such as Tarot Cards, Gautam Kevli Mahavidya, Ram Shalaka etc. The Bio-rhythm Chart is a useful feature for knowing the ups and downs of Health, Finance and Emotions. A useful aspect is incorporation of various books of astrology that are fit for regular consultation.
  • Remedy – Gem selection on the basis of Dasha, specification of metal, finger. Wearing gem on the basis of planet and Nakshatra. Mantras for Grahas, Sadesati. Articles of planets for donation.


LeoTouch comes in all major Indian and international languages.

LeoTouch is available in Hindi, English and shortly it shall be available in other languages like Marathi, Oriya, Bangla, Assami, Telugu, Panjabi and Nepali. For each topic (Dasha, horoscope, prediction) the language can be changed as per your choice.



LeoTouch bhavishyaphal, prediction
  • User can add/edit his predictions.
  • Create your own astrological rules/conditions using the friendly LEO scripting language.
  • Predictions can be translingual i.e. on the same page print the same prediction in any number of languages.
  • Dynamically readjust color, font, size, alignment, etc.
  • Insert pictures of your choice, into your predictions for better illustration.


Jyotish chart, Astro graph
  • Create your own charts & use them into LeoTouch.
  • Full control of planet names, font size, color, alignment etc.
  • Superimpose "chart in a chart" to any level and then further configure each of these charts.
  • User defined support for dynamically configuring the astrological chart type, print language, colors etc.


LeoTouch, kundli lekha, horscope accounting
  • Comprehensive reporting on horoscopes printed/processed.
  • Selective reporting based on astrologer, language, model, etc. to get better planning
  • Permanent backup support for all transactions.
  • Categorize your horoscopes based on research, trends, sport persons, politicians etc. for better planning.
  • Device month wise report of sales figures.

User Customization

LeoTouch software customizable
  • User can create custom page layouts.
  • User can create custom models.
  • User can create custom chart templates.
  • User can create custom predictions.
  • User can define his own paper sizes and printer settings.
  • User can add, delete or modify his own city


janam kundli printing, horoscope printing
  • Print on any paper size like Pocket Size, Book Size, File Size, Plain A4 Sheet etc.
  • Print 1, 2, 4 or 8 pages per leaf on single or both sides.
  • Dynamically place objects to match your pre printed stationery.
  • Support features for both sides printing, printing for centre stapling, printing for spiral binding, etc.
  • Total print logging and reporting. Print Horoscope with borders on plain A4 Sheets.


large horoscope bank, can store huge collection of kundli data
  • LeoTouch databank contains information of more than 5 thousand people.
  • Databank contains horoscopes and other astrological data of thousands of VIP in different field like – sports, politics, film, science, business etc.
  • You can also save your family photos in this software.


useful hindu mantras, ritual mantras, vaidic mantras for health, wealth and success
  • Mantras can be recited from LeoTouch.
  • Accurate pronounciation of Mantras helps in rectifying the Doshas of planets.
  • Configure the software to listen mantra available in LeoTouch at the start of the program upto any number of times specified by you.
  • Facility to listen any other mantra of your own, available on your computer from LeoTouch.


LeoTouch horary, LeoTouch prashna shashtra, LeoTouch astrology query system
  • Ank Shakunavli
  • Bio-Rhythmic Graph
  • Chart Ramal
  • Box of 15
  • Garbhini Prashna
  • Gautam Kevli Maha Vidya
  • Jin Kevli Shakunavli
  • Karya Prichha
  • Nakshatra
  • Number Ramal
  • Pasavli
  • Ram Shalaka
  • Ramadi Prashna Chakram
  • Ramal Shakunavli
  • Sagar Chakra
  • Santan
  • Tarrot Cards
  • Teesa Yantra
  • Vinod Manjari
  • Yugadi Dev
  • Ank Shakunavli


leostar other facility like numerology, bangoli calnedar, napali calendar, vastu, palmistry
  • Exhaustive computations of Horoscopes and Matching.
  • Easy to use, correct, capable of predictions by fast computations.
  • Contains data of 50 Lakh cities.
  • Various charts, Dashas and Computations can be seen on a single screen.
  • The Finance and Health Analysis on Daily, Monthly and Annual basis.
  • Contains Various Calendars.
  • Various Mantras can be listened.
  • Horary Tools such as Biorythm Chart and Tarot Cards.
  • Pages Contain : Birth Details, Planetary Degrees, Chalit, Shodash Varg charts, Vimshottari Dasha. Five fold friend, Shodashottari Dasha, Tribaghi Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Kaal Chakra Dasha, Char Dasha, Birth Reading with 10 year prediction.
  • Various Dasha upto 5 level.
  • Transit - Graphical view to see and analyse planets and their positions.
  • Various predictions- Navamsa, planet and house reading.