Solved astrology software issues

Kundli software questionnaire index


Question 1. Access Denied During File Copy Haspvb32.Dl.

This error occurs when you are trying to install the software on a previous version of leostar. Make sure you haven't run the software before beginning installation process, as the specified DLL is still loaded into the memory. If this error occurs then cancel the installation. Now reboot the system and install Leo Star again.

Question 2. "Leo-Key not found." During Installation.

Before installation, it is necessary to attach Leo Key with printer port/USB port to install the software properly. If you don't attach the key properly on the parallel port /USB port of the computer then the following message appears at the time of installation.

Attach the Leo key on the parallel port/USB port properly and Press 'Retry'.

If the same message appears after Retry, Select Cancel. Reboot the system and try installing the software again.

This message may also appears at the time of running the software if it is loosely attached or not properly attached.

Question 3. The Message "Leo-Key Not Found" appears even after rebooting the system more than once.

This problem occurs when the software is not able to detect the key on the Parallel Port /USB Port of your system. This may be because the Key is not properly installed during installation for some reason.

If Leo Key is of hasp company then

Do the following Steps to install the Hasp Drivers:

This errors message will show two buttons "Retry" and "Cancel". Press the Cancel button first time. Shut down your computer, tighten the Leo Key properly. Restart the computer.

Now press the Start button, go to Run and type following commands:

  • "C:\LeoStar\Leo Key\Cmdline\Hinstall.exe" /i and Press the OK Button.
  • "C\LeoStar\Leo Key\HDD32.exe" Press the OK Button, then load the hasp driver by clicking the Yes Button. It will install the required files. Restart the computer and load the Software again.

If the message appears again after above mentioned steps, try to change its mode from the Integrated Peripherals section of BIOS Setting. You may try to change different Parallel Port modes from ECP to EPP or ECP+EPP and so on. This may probably solve the problem in your computer.

(To change Parallel Port Mode in the BIOS setting, reboot the system first. Press Del Key as soon as the system starts. It will Open your systems BIOS settings. Now Select Integrated Peripherals. Probably the last option in the INTEGRATED PERIPHERALS is 'Parallel Port Mode'. Now press '+' or '-' or if mouse works in the BIOS then change Parallel Port to 'EPP' if it is different from 'EPP'. Now Save BIOS Settings by Selecting Save Settings from it and restart the computer.)

If the message still appears then try installing the application on a different computer. If the application runs fine and do not give this error then this problem may be a hardware problem with your printer port.

Question 4. "My mouse doesn't work properly after the message 'Leo Key Not Found'."

This problem occurs when you have not attached Leo Key while you are trying to run or intall the software. Open any DOS program and close the program from the windows. The mouse will then work properly. If the problem still persists then reboot the system and run the software again.

Question 5. The Message "Please Reinstall leostar" Comes after installation" --or-- "During Installation when 'Updating System' starts updating the system (after copying all files), after 5% it skips and does not reach upto 100%. 'Please Reinstall leostar' message comes thereafter" --or-- "The Message "Active-X Component Can't Create Object" Comes after installation and 'Leo 1' displays 'Wrong Hasp Key-Contact Future Point' .

It has been seen that on some computers, after 5% of Updating System, setup skips and does not reach upto 100%. After completing installation he message 'Please reinstall leostar' comes i.e. leostar do not work. It is probably due to a boot sector virus which does not allow sometimes to read from the CD.

To resolve this problem, which is probably caused by a boot sector virus, boot your system from a clean virus free floppy disk and run FDISK/mbr command. It will remove the virus. You can then run installation again.

Please note that we have found WYX VIRUS which is also identified as BOOT GENERIC* by latest versions of some good antivirus softwares such as Pccillin or Mcafee in some of the computers of our customers. This boot sector virus was not allowing to read from CD and Updating System Settings was terminating at 5%. It is therefore requested to make sure that setup completes and does not halt at 5% and you do not have a boot sector virus in your machine. For latest updates of Mcafee and Pccillin you can goto their respective sites and download their softwares.

Question 6. Run time Error 106 'Move date process'

Make sure that your CD is free from scratches. Try cleaning the CD by rubbing it with very soft piece of cloth or cotton. Restart the computer and load the Software again. Still if you will get the same problem then it means your CD-ROM has alignment problem. So do alignment of your CD-ROM.

Question 7. "OLEAUT32.DLL is out of, date, This program, requires a newer Version."

Press 'OK' button which is appearing on the error message screen and complete the remaining steps of the software installation. Restart the computer and load the software again. Now this error should not come.

Question 8. 'MSVBVM5O.DLL not found'

Press 'OK' button which is appearing on the error message screen and complete the remaining steps of the software installation. Restart the computer and load the software again. Now this error shoud not come.

Question 9. While installation if it gives the error message "Your monitor have 640×480 resolution. It is advisable to have 800×600 pixel resolution before running the software"

Accept the message and press the Ok button which is appearing on the screen. Now load the whole software. After completion of the installation Right click on the desktop (at the empty area), go to properties, then select the settings option. Change your screen area from 640×480 resolution to 800×600 or higher resolutions. Press the Apply button and Ok.

Question 10. Uninstaller failed to initialize

This is not an error, rather this is a warning, accept the warning and load the software, it will not create any problem.

Question 11. Disk cleanup error

This is not an error, rather it is a suggestion that your computer does not have the sufficient space to install the software; so remove some unwanted files/folders so that you can free space. Now load the software again.

Question 12. Setup initialization Error (Error 432)

Setup has detected that uninstallshield is in use. Please close uninstallshield and Restart Setup.

This error will come when your CD-ROM reads the setup file more than one time so click on the OK button which is appearing on the message.Now accept only one setup and exit the remaining ones. This error won't affect your software.

Question 13. At updaing step I am facing this sreen (30 digit Code message box)

This is not an error rather it is a protection part. So if you will get above mentioned screen then come to window explorer. In Leostar folder you will get one file, idd as Leocode. So send this file through mail or fax or you can tell us this 30 digit code on phone. We will provide you new 30 digit code. This code you have to type in above empty boxes and press Next.

Note: If you change your computer or Operating system then your 30 digitcode will be changed and you have to take new 30 digit code from Future Point.

Question 14. After typing the 30 digit code given by Future Point software is saying Unexpected Code.

This error means you have not typed the 30 digit code (given by Future Point) correctly so check the code throughly and type the 30 digit code again.

Question 15. "My parallel CD-ROM doesn't work when I attach Leo-Key" --or-- "I am unable to print after attaching the Leo-Key."

This happens when Leo-Key drivers conficts with drivers running the printer/CD-ROM because the key is not properly installed during installation for some reason during installation. In this case you are supposed to install the driver for the Leo-Key properly by running Hdd32.exe from the '\LeoKey' directory of the directory in which you have installed the software. You can run the specified file and follow instructions of the setup to complete the installtion.

Question 16. "Printer Error." --or-- "When I Press Show Button, text in pages such as Birth Details, Ghatak, Avakhada Charka etc. is not properly aligned"

This problem occurs when you are running the software at the time when you haven't installed the printer on your computer. It is possible that some of the pages have improper, unaligned text. Leostar does not work when there is no printer installed on the system. Install a printer first such as Laserjet 6L PCL from the list of printers. Even if you don't have printer you may install drivers of a dummy Laser Printer from the List to run the software.

Question 17. "Leostar displays all the pages but does not print." --or-- "Out of Memory"

This problem occurs when your system's resources are occupied by other opened programs or applications. Close other opened applications.

This problem may be because of some start-up or memory resident programs such as Microsoft Findfast etc. Try removing unnecessary memory resident and start-up programs to avoid such things.

To remove startup programs you may run msconfig program. Click on Start and select Run from Windows Desktop. Now type in 'msconfig' without any quotes and press OK. A System Configuration Utility will popup. Now select startup and uncheck some unnecessary startup programs from here and restart the computer.

Question 18. "Horoscope displays and print Junk Characters."

This problem occurs when some of the necessary fonts that comes with the software are copied on your system but the change is not reflected by Windows. Go to control panel and double click on fonts to open fonts folder. Now, double click on All fonts of leostar as specified in the list of fonts. The system will reflect those changes.

Question 19. "Invalid Property Value. Error Number 380." --or-- "Lagna Chart displays different different brown images." --or-- "Almost half of the lagna chart & some planets in it are not Visible

This message appears when you are using date format instead of English (United States). In this case Lagna Chart of the main input screen behaves abnormally and hides almost half of the chart. You must set the date format to US English and the date separator must be "/" and Number Symbol must be a period (.) in order to avoid the error.

To set the date format go to Control Panel and Double Click 'Regional Settings' to open Its properties. In Regional Settings tab Scroll down to locate English (United States). Now Confirm the date separator by clicking Date Tab. Also confirm whether Decimal character in Number tab is a period(.) or not and Press OK.

Question 20. Designated text area is too small for the new format settings." & "Pressing show button displays very large fonts."

This problem occurs when you have selected any other font and colour scheme instead of windows standard which shows large fonts. Select any other scheme that uses smaller fonts as compared to the current scheme.

Question 21. "Everything is printed in the Horoscope except circular charts."

This problem normally occurs when proper driver of the printer is not installed. For example, incase if you have installed an HP Laserjet 6L PCL Printer driver for printing the horoscope, which uses less printer drivers then this problem may occur. Since, the software requires complete printer drivers. You have to Install HP Laserjet 6L Printer instead of Laserjet PCL printer.

This problem may also appear with other printers also. Since Windows automatically recognises printers and sometimes installs the drivers for some printers, it is therefore, recommended to not to use drivers set supplied by windows by deleting that printer from the printers folder. Always install proper driver provided along with printer.

Question 22. "Device conflict error. Both programs cann't run. Only one program can run at a time. "

If you run Leo-1, then at the time of printing this problem may occur. To solve this problem go to printers folder and open your printers properties. Now click on 'Details' tab and press 'Port Settings' button.'Configure LPT Port' box will appear. Uncheck 'Spool MS-Dos print jobs' and 'check port state before printing' and press OK button.

Question 23. "Active-X component can't create objects."

This problem occurs when a particular active-x components is not properly registered in windows. Restart Windows and run the software again. If the problem still persists, try reinstalling the software.

Question 24. "I'm unable to view full main screen and its options including Lagna Chart etc."

This is becuase you havn't set the display resolution of your computer to 800X600. Leostar requires the resolution of 800X600 to run properly.To set the specified resolution Right Click on the free area of your desktop and select properties. Now Click on settings tab and adjust screen area from 600X480 or any other screen area to 800X600.

Question 25. Leo-1 Does not work in Windows. when clicked on Leo-1 icon Blank Screen appears?

This problem occurs when you have an AGP Display Card installed at your mother board. In some AGP cards some instuctions used to display Leo-1 (Dos based program) confilcts with AGP card instructions and Leo-1 displays only blank screen. This can be sloved by installing a separate non-AGP display card in your system.

Users Please note that Leo-1 (dos based program) is a free software along with leostar and is not going to be updated or modified in the near future (refere terms and conditions in readme)

Question 26. Leostar Displays "Please insert Original Leo Programme CD".

Do not remove Leo-CD just after installation since the software requires software CD to be inserted into the CDROM after installation for the first time and every 100th time the software runs. You can reinserting the CD and press retry option thereafter.

Question 27. Leostar Displays 'Run Time Error 504-Unexpected Error! Aborting'.

You are required to completely uninstall the application from Control Panel's 'Add Remove Programs' Section. Also delete leostar folder or the folder where you have installed leostar. Now reinstall the software again.