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The Ultimate Leostar KP & Horary Software

This software contains KP & Horary modules of Leostar series of astrology software. KP & Horary systems are best and most popular for getting answers for the queries of querist. To understand the benefits of KP software we must understand that KP system is used for minute calculations and predictions.

Krishnamurti system of astrology is difficult to calculate, but leostar Software makes it very simple. KP System gives the formula of sub-lord for getting minute predictions. The main difference in degrees in closet charts comes from the sub-lords of houses. The slight difference of few minutes change sub lords of houses. So KP system advocates the paramount need of considering these Sub-lords. Most of the astrologers use this KP software to get answers for their questions. Some astrologers like KP system for determining the timing of an events like marriage and employment etc.

Leostar Horary software is used for getting answers for your Prashna. Leostar Horary has already given a list of questions from which you can choose your question. Otherwise your new questions associated with the house and planet can be saved. Based on the study of house and planet position your answer with the probability of event along with probable timing shall be answered in percentage. This answer shall help you know the answer for your question. In addition, if your question does not fall into any category of this software then you can add questions. But this will happen only if you shall also mention the planets and houses related to your question. The maximum planets and houses can be three and minimum one.

Apart from KP & Horary calculations and predictions it also contains comprehensive and complete astrology solutions required by an astrologer for making predictions in its Astrology module i.e. planet aspect, Bhava aspect, cusp aspect, Saptvargas, Shodash Vargas, Varga Bhedas, Vimsopaka, Satvargas, Shodash Vargas, Varga Bhedas, Vimsopaka, Karaka, Avastha, Rashmi, Nakshatra Reading, Mahadasha and Antardasha analysis and Transit predictions for next 30 years, More than 500 astrological combinations, transits till 9999, the combinations and remedial measures for inauspicious Yogas like Manglik dosh, Kaalsarpa Yoga and Sadesati etc. have also been given in detail.



Astro software Leostar is known for getting minute calculations. This astro software is an ocean of astrological knowledge. Astro software Leostar can cast lagna, chalit, cusp, sun, moon, hora and divisional charts. Astrologers use different Dashas for getting accurate predictions. Different types of Aynanshas used in astrology like Lahiri, Kp, Raman, Jaimini, Bhrigu, Manu and Sayan are available in it. For astrologers this vedic astrology software is like a miracle. All horoscopes can be saved in it. This vedic astrology software contains longitudes and latitudes of 1 Crore cities.

  • This software includes all KP calculations that is KP Planet, KP House, Significator element, House Significator Element, Lordship, KP Lagna chart, KP Lagna Chalit, KP Bhava chart, KP Navamsa chart, KP Bhava (house) Degree.
  • KP Karkattwa detail - planet and Nakshatra position, lord, sub lord, the position of the planet in the constellation of the planet.
  • Vimsottari Dasha, Transit - Sun, Moon and Ascendant.
  • Planet Karkattwa chart & Krishnamurti Bhava Karkattwa chart.
  • Krishnamurti table of 249 no.
  • Horary astrology - Horary astrology chart details.
  • Planetary degrees, Bhava degrees.
  • Horary astrology charts - Ascendant Chart (Question Chart or Prashna Chart), Lagna Chalit, Moon Chart, Navmansha chart.
  • Questions scriptures state - Vimshotri.
  • In horary astrology Dashas are used for the calculation of fructification of an event. leostar software gives the facility of using vimshotri and yogini dasha.
  • Horary astrology Dasha - Uttar
  • Prediction - Dashaphal
  • Calculation and detailed answer of questions on the basis of horary astrology. Many generally asked questions in the Leostar database with various categories - like Business, Children, Competition, Court case related, Disputes, Educations, Gains, General, House, Health, Job, Land, Litigation, Loss Related, Lost & Found, Money, Occupation, Peace, Power, Profession, Property, Relations, Respect, Success, Travel and Vehicle.
  • Avakhada, Ghatchakra, Tara Chakra, Panchang, Calendar.
  • The modules that one gets in Leostar Standard software are Teva, Astrology, KP, Horary, Mundane & Tables.
  • Astro Software Leostar can cast all types of charts like Lagna, Chalit, Bava cusp and various types of divisional charts.
  • This astro software contains calculations related to Shadbal, Jaimini, Karakavastha and Sudershan Chakra.
  • KP System, KP Significator, Shodasvarga Tables, Upgraha, Sannadi Chakra etc are included.
  • Prashar Ashtakvarga, Ashtakvarga Chart & Ashatak ascendant are also given in this astro software.
  • Nakshatra Reading, Mahadasha & Antardasha analysis & Transit predictions for next 30 years are incorporated in this astro software.
  • More than 500 yogas (astrological combinations)have been included in this astro software.
  • This astro software shows Transits to view planets moving around the natal horoscope.
  • This astro software contains reading material for Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Astrology and 21 Horary tools.
  • Not only the students and expert astrologers can get accurate calculations but they can also use the horoscopes given in the databank of this astro software.
  • User can get additional information like astrograph, longevity, kalsarp dosha, sadesati vichar, manglik vichar and remedies etc too from this astro software
  • Prescription of stones along with the method of wearing it has also been given in this astro software.
  • Mantras are also recommended along with the articles of donation for propitiating planets. Remedies for Sadesati are also given in detail


Astro Software Leostar comes in all major Indian and international languages.





Astro Software Leostar also available in Gujarati, Bangla, Oriya, Tamil, Marathi*, Sinhala*, Malayalam*, Spanish*, Telugu*, Nepali* and Punjabi*. User can take any two of the above given languages. For taking multi languages the charges shall increase. For each topic (Dasha, horoscope, prediction) the language can be changed as per your choice.



  • User can add his predictions(one page).
  • Create your own astrological rules/conditions using the friendly LEO scripting language.
  • Predictions can be translingual i.e. on the same page print the same prediction in any number of languages.
  • Dynamically readjust color, font, size, alignment, etc.
  • Insert pictures of your choice, into your predictions for better illustration.


  • Create your own charts & use them into leostar.
  • Full control of planet names, font size, color, alignment etc.
  • Superimpose "chart in a chart" to any level and then further configure each of these charts.
  • User defined support for dynamically configuring the astrological chart type, print language, colors etc.


  • Print on any paper size like Pocket Size, Book Size, File Size, Plain A4 Sheet etc.
  • Print 1, 2, 4 or 8 pages per leaf on single or both sides.
  • Dynamically place objects to match your pre printed stationery.
  • Support features for both sides printing, printing for centre stapling, printing for spiral binding, etc.
  • Total print logging and reporting. Print Horoscope with borders on plain A4 Sheets.

User Customization

  • User can create custom page layouts.
  • User can create custom models.
  • User can create custom chart templates.
  • User can create custom predictions.
  • User can define his own paper sizes and printer settings.
  • User can add, delete or modify his own city


  • Comprehensive reporting on horoscopes printed/processed.
  • Selective reporting based on astrologer, language, model, etc. to get better planning
  • Permanent backup support for all transactions.
  • Categorize your horoscopes based on research, trends, sport persons, politicians etc. for better planning.
  • Device month wise report of sales figures.


  • Complete translingual reporting.
  • Language selection for each object (Dasa, Chart, Prediction, etc.) dynamically configurable.
  • Supports multiple language data entry for even the same horoscope.
  • Available in Major 11 Languages.
  • Inbuilt interlanguage font translation support.
  • On-line context sensitive help in language of choice.


  • Leostar databank contains information of more than 5 thousand people.
  • Databank contains horoscopes and other astrological data of thousands of VIP in different field like – sports, politics, film, science, business etc.
  • You can also save your family photos in this software.


  • Mantras can be recited from leostar.
  • Accurate pronounciation of Mantras helps in rectifying the Doshas of planets.
  • Configure the software to listen mantra available in leostar at the start of the program upto any number of times specified by you.
  • Facility to listen any other mantra of your own, available on your computer from leostar.


  • Ank Shakunavli
  • Bio-Rhythmic Graph
  • Chart Ramal
  • Box of 15
  • Garbhini Prashna
  • Gautam Kevli Maha Vidya
  • Jin Kevli Shakunavli
  • Karya Prichha
  • Nakshatra
  • Number Ramal
  • Pasavli
  • Ram Shalaka
  • Ramadi Prashna Chakram
  • Ramal Shakunavli
  • Sagar Chakra
  • Santan
  • Tarrot Cards
  • Teesa Yantra
  • Vinod Manjari
  • Yugadi Dev
  • Ank Shakunavli


  • Exhaustive computations of Horoscopes and Matching.
  • Easy to use, correct, capable of predictions by fast computations.
  • Contains data of 1 Crore cities.
  • Various charts, Dashas and Computations can be seen on a single screen.
  • The Finance and Health Analysis on Daily, Monthly and Annual basis.
  • Contains Various Calendars.
  • Various Mantras can be listened.
  • Horary Tools such as Biorythm Chart and Tarot Cards.
  • Pages Contain : Birth Details, Planetary Degrees, Chalit, Shodash Varg charts, Vimshottari Dasha. Five fold friend, Shodashottari Dasha, Tribaghi Dasha, Ashtottari Dasha, Yogini Dasha, Kaal Chakra Dasha, Char Dasha, Birth Reading with 10 year prediction.
  • Various Dasha upto 5 level.
  • Transit - Graphical view to see and analyse planets and their positions.
  • Various predictions- Navamsa, planet and house reading.


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