Mundane astrology

Mundane predicts about national and international affairs

Mundane software known by the name Mediniya Jyotish helps to obtain predictions about rise and fall in prices of commodities in market. Kundli software leostar Mundane gives predictions about national and international affairs. Leostar Mundane is the best software to get weather forecast. Astrological calculations given in mundane software are used to analyze the political, social and financial conditions of nation and the world. Samvatsar predictions of mundane are used to make annual predictions about nation and entire world.

Additional Features of Mundane Software

Scientifically speaking the subject of mundane astrology is that branch of knowledge which investigates into the events of material worlds. Those events so far as they affect humanity in a particular state or nations are of utmost importance, as such it has to mean as state or national astrology. This field of study helps us in predicting general events like war, plagues, pestilences, revolution, earthquake, fire, sub-mergence and such calamities. Celestial events indicative of territorial changes which affect in a collective manner are also considered here such as the formation of governments socio-political and environmental transformations, maintenance of peace etc. Planetary conjunctions, movements and eclipses play significant role in mundane astrology. With the help of this software we can predict about weather, crops and market very easily. Koorma Chakra(Tortoise Chakra) helps to do the x-ray of the socio-political conditions of a specific place. Sarvotobhadra Chakra is a great gift of mundane astrology as it gives accurate predictions about rise and fall in prices.

Features of this software are as follows:

  • Price analysis, Sarvadobhadra Chakra, Transit of Planets, Result of Transit. Sarvotobhadra Chakra gives accurate predictions about rise and fall in prices.
  • Samvatsar - Samvat / Council, Annual Horo, World Horro, Clouds, Snakes, Stambha Tables, Stambha Graph.
  • Samvatsar predictions of this module are meant to know about a specific samvatsar(year).
  • Tortoise – Tortoise Chakra(Koorm Chakra) scans the political, social and economic conditions of a village, town, city, district, state, country and world
  • Weather – Trinadi Chart, Sapt Nadi Chart, Nakshatra Chart and Rohini Chakra


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