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Leostar horoscope software contains all aspects of astrology with comprehensive Calculations, Remedies, Predictions, Various Vedic Charts, Teva, Dashas, Matching, Varshphal, Numerology, Horary, K.P, Lalkitab, Muhurat, Panchang, Mundane, Books, Calendar, Transit, Mantras and lots of other useful information. This horoscope software is available in more than 12 languages including Hindi and English. Leostar horoscope software is available in Home, Standard, Plus, Professional Versions & Modules (all packages separately). In this horoscope software several horoscopes can be viewed and matched simultaneously on one single screen. This horoscope software enables to view and use Varshphal, KP calculations and Muhurats simultaneously on one screen. Based primarily on Parashari however, Jaimini, Lal Kitab, KP and Horary astrology has also been incorporated in this horoscope software. Leostar horoscope software has its own data bank containing birth details of thousands of celebrities which can be used for research and comparative study. Leostar is the only horoscope software comprising the facility of comprehensive printing.

Horoscope software is a type of computer programs designed to calculate horoscopes. Many of them also assemble interpretive text into narrative reports.

Horoscope softwares today typically make accurate planet position calculations, display and print these positions using astrological glyph symbols in graphic charts, save and retrieve individuals' data to and from database files, compare the planet positions of different charts to find the astrological aspects between them (e.g. for compatibility), calculate the dates of important events in the future for a chart, and research the saved chart database. Some generate colorful geographical maps with lines showing where the planets rise and culminate at a significant time, usually the time of birth or the time of inception of an organization (called astrocartography). Horoscope softwares usually come bundled with an electronic atlas, allowing the review of theLlongitudes, latitudes, and time zone observance histories for cities and towns. Many assemble interpretive text about the various element combinations in a chart into comprehensive printed reports.

Future Point has released series of horoscope softwares starting from DOS technology to windows, XP and Vista. It has also developed complete horoscope software for mobile phones and tablets too. Now Future Point which introduced computer astrology in India is presenting to you the Leostar the upgraded version of world’s best horoscope software. Succeeding its predecessors, Leo 1, Leo 99 and Leo Gold, Leostar has created a niche for itself in the market of horoscope softwares. World’s best horoscope software Leostar is the upgraded version of Leo Gold which was developed in 1978 and originally launched in the year 1987. The market value of this horoscope software lies in its credibility and accuracy. Initially it was a DOS based horoscope software and was accepted by astrologers all over the world with great appreciation. This horoscope software really helped them to get most accurate calculation by just a click and saved their lots of time. With the passage of time the latest versions of horoscope software on Windows, XP and Vista were released to cater the needs of Astrologers in India and abroad.

Additional Features of Horoscope Software Leostar

In the horoscope made by this horoscope software not only the position of planets in houses can be analyzed rather the birth chart, Chalit chart, Dasha, Sarvashtak chart, Shadbal, Avakhada and various other charts used in making astrology predictions can be seen simultaneously on a single screen. This advantage of viewing many horoscopes together has made it easier to analyze an event. This horoscope software has its own data bank containing birth details of thousands of celebrities which can be used for research and comparative study. Leostar is the only horoscope software comprising the facility of comprehensive printing.

In this horoscope software several horoscopes can be viewed and matched simultaneously on one single screen. Different Varshphal, KP calculations and Muhurats can be viewed and used simultaneously on one screen. This horoscope software is based primarily on Parashari however Jaimini, Lal Kitab, KP and Horary astrology has also been incorporated in it.

The salient features of this horoscope software are as follows:

  • Most accurate and authentic horoscope software.
  • This horoscope software supports all astrology Systems.
  • Exhaustive Computations of Horoscope, Varshphal, Matching, Horary Analysis, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Muhurat, KP System and Panchang are detailled in this horoscope software.
  • Horoscope software incorporates thousands of yogas.
  • Horoscope software leostar supports various Ayanamsa with a facility to add user defined Ayanamsa.
  • Horoscope software gives the facility to add the predictions made by you.
  • Horoscope software provides permanent backup for all things done.
  • This horoscope software gives the facility to keep the horoscopes can be kept in different categories like sportspersons, politicians etc for research work.
  • Horoscope software leostar already contains birth details of more than 5000 celebrities like film stars, sports persons, politicians, world leaders, musicians and stalwarts of other fields.
  • Horoscope software also gives the facility to change language as per choice.
  • Horoscope software gives option of using Neptune, Pluto and Uranus as planets in chart.
  • Horoscope software contains a data of longitude and latitude of 1 Crore cities.
  • Horoscope software also gives facility of viewing many horoscopes at one time.
  • Horoscope software gives detailed panchang with Lagan, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karan, Rashi, Rahukaal, Bhadra, Panchak, retrogression, Gandamool.
  • Facility of viewing many packages at one time with different tab is also incorporated in this horoscope softawre.
  • This horoscope software also incorporates various tables like planets, gems, planet friendship, significator, yoga, Nakshatra- Gana/Nadi, Rashi-Vashya/Paya tables, Nakshatra-Lord/Alphabet tables, Hindu/Sikh/Jain festivals.
  • From this horoscope software you can take printout or single /double side, make PDF file which can be emailed.
  • All operations of this horoscope software are controlled on one screen.
  • In horoscope software leoStar, you can customize the color and font style.
  • This horoscope software contains all Indian calendar with Sunrise, Paksha, Nakshatra, Tithi.
  • Having everything on one screen is just amazing and highly beneficial quality of this horoscope software
  • This horoscope software is easy to use, correct and capable of helping in making predictions by fast computations.
  • Various charts, Dashas and Computations can be seen on a single screen.
  • This horoscope software gives analysis of finance and health on Daily, Monthly and Annual basis.
  • Horoscope software leostar contains Various Calendars.
  • This software for horoscope enable you listen various Mantras.
  • Horary Tools such as Biorhythmic Chart and Tarot Cards are included in this horoscope software.
  • Comprehensive study material on Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry and Lal Kitab is available in this horoscope software.
  • All Horoscope Models can be printed from this horoscope software.
  • This horoscope software can be stored in a CD or DVD. You can make PDF file in single click.
  • Transit - Graphical view to see and analyse planets and their positions.
  • Various predictions- Navamsa, planet, house reading, matching, mahadasha, antardasha, gochar, varshphal and 30 year prediction etc are also given in this horoscope software.
  • Yogini, Lagna, Chalit, Navamsha, Dashamsha, Moon Chart, Ashtak Bindus Chart, K.P. etc.
  • Wearing of Gems and Predictions and Analysis related to Monetary and health related graph of Astrology and Match Making Program in Hindi and English.
  • Reading Material for Palmistry, Numerology, Vastu, Astrology, Kalsarpa Yoga, Analysis of Mangal Dosh.
  • Various Horary Tools such as Tarot Cards, Gautam Kevli Mahavidya, Ram Shalaka etc. The Bio-rhythm Chart is a useful feature for knowing the ups and downs of Health, Finance and Emotions. A useful aspect is incorporation of various books of astrology that are fit for regular consultation.

Horoscope software applications Leostar series are based on several methods of ancient Indian astrology. These applications are used in preparing horoscope reports, to find out several astrological factors, calculations, predictions etc. Depending on the type of application, astro software applications provide several features such as finding Muhurat, checking marital compatibility, personal predictions, baby name recommendations, gemstone recommendations etc.


Leostar comes in all major Indian and international languages.


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